IAGCInternational Association of Geophysical Contractors
IAGCIllinois Association for Gifted Children (est. 1989)
IAGCInternational Association of Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry
IAGCInstantaneous Automatic Gain Control
IAGCInternational Age Group Competition (gymnastics)
IAGCIngénierie, Approvisionnement et Gestion de Construction (French: Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management)
IAGCIdaho Association of General Contractors
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She said they will only pursue cases "unless the IAGC tells us and assigns us to pursue other PDAF cases.
Javier Valls era presidente del consejo, mientras que Angel Ron lo era de la comision ejecutiva; el primero carecia de atribuciones ejecutivas (segun el propio IAGC, pese a ser catalogado como consejero ejecutivo debido a "recibir sus haberes por nomina y dedicarse profesionalmente en exclusiva al Banco"), mientras que el segundo era considerado presidente ejecutivo.
Los IAGC posteriores al ano 2007 siguen una estructura similar y, en estos, los apartados B.
PDAF is Priority Development Assistance Fund also known as pork barrel while IAGC is Inter-Agency Anti-Graft Council.
Now, what the IAGC (Inter-agency Anti-Graft Council) is doing is reviewing the COA Special Audit report and we know that it only covers 2007 to 2009 and the NBI [National Bureau of Investigation] is focused on the Napoles component of PDAF scam," De Lima said.
She said she will meet with the IAGC and the Office of the Ombudsman to discuss about the high court's ruling.
Illinois Association for Gifted Children 12th IAGC Convention at the Chicago Marriott Hotel in Chicago, IL.
Contact: IAGC, (312) 836-0100 or (800) 228-9290; http://www.