IAHLInternational Alliance of Holistic Lawyers
IAHLInternational-American Hockey League
IAHLInternationale Agrarische Hogeschool Larenstein (Dutch: International Agricultural College Larenstein)
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We can argue that only a few of the most prolific authors might be considered as 'full time' historians, while the overwhelming majority of IAHL academic authors were primarily engaged in other accounting research fields.
Table 3 is a summary of the distribution of IAHL academic/ non academic authorship over time.
In the first fifty years, the non-academics authors dominate IAHL with a very high percentage of authorships, decreasing from 100% (1869-1879) to 63% (1910-1919).
The implications of the role played by the non-academicians in the IAHL authorship are threefold.
Publication forms of IAHL are various: books, book chapters, journal articles (Table 5.
Table 7 presents the results of classifying IAHL using the framework provided by Carnegie and Napier [1996].
On the one side, IAHL published till 2008 did not show any interest in the examination of the main aspect of accounting in different countries as suggested by Carnegie and Napier [2002, pp.
The role of professionals in writing accounting history: A history of academic thinkers, settings, beliefs, rules, could not explain the whole IAHL development over time.
An institutional rule helps us to explain why in IAHL co-authorship is so recent.
Thus, the strong tradition of accounting theory was perhaps the most important factor in explaining IAHL issues and approaches.
Zan [1994] seminal work focussed on about the 10% of the whole IAHL publications while in our paper all accounting historians' contributions are reviewed.