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In this paper, we propose IAHP method and establish the quality evaluation index of the college physical education teaching.
IAHP encourages all sports, dance, balance moves, and gymnastics.
IAHP provides course work through which parents and caregivers are taught the therapy.
The IAHP developmental profile is the Doman-Delacato profile.
The Institutional Review Board of the IAHP approved the study.
In the data, one can see some children doing surprisingly well before IAHP treatment was formally begun.
For an individual patient, this figure illustrates the difference between slopes before and after IAHP treatment, which are compared in the paired T-test (see below).
In Down syndrome with standard treatment (before IAHP treatment) the ratio of change (slope) in neurologic age (NA) over chronologic age (CA) had a mean of 0.
Figure 3 demonstrates that after IAHP treatment, the rate of change (slope) of neurologic progress per unit time more than doubled.
Figure 4 plots the slopes of the rate of change of NA/CA before IAHP treatment (when child was presumably receiving standard treatment) and after IAHP treatment.
The literature on environmental enrichment provides a strong foundation in animal research for IAHP methods.
Techniques the IAHP use to speed brain development may include teaching a child who is immobile how it "feels" to crawl by moving the arms and legs in a crawling "pattern," stimulating the light reflex of a child who is blind so that the child gains light perception, or showing large-print words to even a child who is unable to speak, giving the child the opportunity to learn to read.