IAHSSInternational Association for Healthcare Security and Safety
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IAHSS is a non-profit organization with 1900 members representing over 800 hospitals and healthcare facilities.
The survey, funded by the IAHSS Foundation, also added new questions to establish baseline data on current and emerging trends in crime-related and other major security issues that challenge security professionals.
The IAHSS also recommended dosed-circuit television monitoring of high-risk units, metal detectors at ED entrances and electronic access controls.
The course included the 20-hour supervisory training curriculum from the IAHSS, but it also included an additional 20 hours about United Healthcare's vision, mission, policies, and procedures.
As a senior member of the IAHSS, the security director at the hospital was able to administer the test to his staff.
All of the officers in the protective services department have now completed the IAHSS Basic Training Program, and more than 50 percent have completed the IAHSS Safety Training and Supervisory Training Programs.
Christian, CPP, member of the IAHSS Training Committee, and coordinator of certification and examinations for the association.
Founded in 1968, IAHSS offers a forty-four training curriculum for security officers employed by hospitals.