IAICSInternational Association for Intercultural Communication Studies
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There are five areas of achievements that resulted from the founding of the IAICS.
First, IAICS decided to sponsor and thereby continue the very successful conferences which were first titled "International Conference on Cross-Cultural Communication" (ICCC).
Second, IAICS began publishing its journal, "Intercultural Communication Studies," twice a year with occasional third and even fourth issues.
Third, the early emphasis of IAICS on intercultural communication around the Pacific rim led to scholars from the Far East and from the Americas to learn from each other and to set up joint research projects the results of which have been published in the journal.
Fourth, IAICS took its conference to China for the first time in 1995.
Fifth, a few years after the Harbin conference IAICS decided to broaden its scope from the Pacific rim to the world in general.
This example is a short one, but longer and better ones have been published in the IAICS journal.
Along with John Koo and myself, Honna was a founder of the IAICS, its president for a term, and remains of the Board of Directors.