IAIMInternational Association of Infant Massage (Sweden)
IAIMIrish Association of Investment Managers (est. 1986)
IAIMInternational Academy for Information Management
IAIMIndustrial Applications of Informatics and Microsystems (University of Karlsruhe; Germany)
IAIMIndustrial Alliance Investment Management Inc. (Canada)
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The IAIM now operates in 30 countries with more than 2,000 instructors.
IAIM retail committee chairman Dara Fitzgerald said the caution was made evident by the 82 per cent increase in investment into with profit products.
R and B A Price, "Strengths and Weaknesses of an Information Systems Program: A Longitudinal Assessment of Student Perceptions," Proceedings of the 15th Annual IAIM Conference, Brisbane, Australia.
Our trainings are run regularly at centres nationwide and are facilitated by experienced IAIM Trainers.
However, while the writers have obviously used much of the IAIM teaching material as a reference, the Quick Guide to Infant Massage is certainly not a routine that would be recommended by the IAIM for an introduction to massage.
They are facilitated by experienced IAIM Trainers, who have been instructors for many years and have undertaken an extensive two-year training process.
Demonstrating the effects of an IAIMS on health care quality and cost.
Although this agenda originated from an AMIA meeting, health sciences libraries and librarians are part of this environmental evolution, as indicated earlier, because of their involvement in organizational changes brought about by the IAIMS report, Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) standards, and digital libraries.
The second section addresses partnerships in the health sciences, including initiatives with the hospitals and the IAIMS (Integrated Advanced Information Management System) grant for informatics.
The IAIMS concept was enunciated by Matheson and Cooper (1982) in a study developed by the AAMC and sponsored by NLM.
14) As of 1993, the NLM has begun to refer to IAIMS as Integrated Advanced Information Management Systems, in recognition of the move beyond academia and into general medical practice (Lindberg, 1993).
The IAIMS vision that Priscilla developed recognized the intersection of the power of computer technologies, the importance of collaboration, and the central role of libraries in information management.