IAINInstitut Agama Islam Negeri (Indonesian: State Institute of Islamic Studies)
IAINInternational Association of Institutes of Navigation
IAINInternational Aerospace Information Network
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Leading a team of five analysts covering 35 small, mid and large cap stocks, Iain will focus on the Supermajor integrated oil stocks on a global basis including BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Total, ExxonMobil and Chevron.
However, with the support of his friends and family, Iain has clocked up more than 300 training miles since April, running for 3,300 minutes - the equivalent of more than two days.
Iain sang songs with his guitar, incliuding Streets of London and Annie's Song.
Experts claim Iain, a keen cyclist from Forres, Moray, didn't consume enough minerals during the race.
The 110 mile trail, traversing hill and dale, has to be completed in less than 36 hours, and Iain managed this amazing feat despite a severe ankle sprain in the 27th mile.
Sustained demand for swimming lessons throughout the recession has now led Iain to expand into Tyneside, and a contract with Sir Charles Parsons School, in Walkergate, will see him offer lessons from their pool.
I asked whose it was, took it out because mine needed freezing, then Iain came and took it away.
Jamie Howard – whose family own Ulva, where Iain worked for 27 years before moving to Gometra eight years ago – said: "The community are in shock, they are numb.
Now Iain has completed the challenging 156-mile Marathon Des Sables, in Morocco, after once weighing in at just under 25 stone.
htm) Iain Martin on Making It Happen: RBS Bankers Suffered No Moral Crisis Over Collapse
He may start in Scotland and finish in the who-knows-where of science fiction, but the late Iain Banks (or Iain M.
Worcester, Kidderminster, Bridgnorth and Birmingham have so far been visited by Iain, of Southside Apartments.