IAJVIndependent Australian Jewish Voices
IAJVInternational Association of Justice Volunteerism (Pueblo, CO)
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In contrast, IAJV blogger Michael Brull supports a two-state solution and opposes an academic boycott of Israel, but still regards Israel as a racist and oppressive state (2009b).
The IAJV statement was immediately attacked by a number of conservative commentators.
As we shall see, Rubenstein was probably correct in describing Loewenstein and some of the other IAJV convenors as committed anti-Zionists.
In contrast, academic and IAJV signatory Dennis Altman, who is not an anti-Zionist, argued that it rightly prioritised universalistic principles of opposition to racism and support for human rights over narrower Jewish tribal loyalties (2007).
The IAJV has pursued a similar strategy to the British IJV of forming broader coalitions with more moderate critics of Israel.
The IAJV also issued a statement during the January 2009 Gaza conflict which was signed by over 200 Australian Jews.
Nevertheless, most of the media construct IAJV as a traditional political group with recognized spokespersons.