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IAMBIamb a Message Board
IAMBIllinois Association of Mortgage Brokers
IAMBInternational Advisory and Monitoring Board for Iraq
IAMBInternational Academy of Management and Business (Silver Spring, MD)
IAMBIstituto Agronomico Mediterraneo Bari (Italian: Mediterranean Agronomic Institute Bari; International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies)
IAMBIowa Association of Mortgage Brokers (West Des Moines, IA)
IAMBInternationaal Anti-Militaristisch Bureau (Dutch: International Anti-Militarist Office; est. 1921)
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Pushkin, an absolute and wise ruler in the iamb, looked at the trochee as a neighboring region that did not always submit to him.
Stress falls on the second light syllable according to IAMB, and the first syllable is parsed to obey FT-BIN and ALIGN-L.
Also, damage to iamb fruit by foraging wasps reduces their commercial value, and actions to reduce damage may be required, such as removing wasp colonies during fruiting.
In this experiment, we compare the learning time of gs, hc, iamb, mmpc, rsmax, tabu, fastiamb, interiamb, mmhc, and TPDA method, and it is measured in seconds.
The constraints TROCHEE, IAMB and [[mu].sup.+]/[??], as defined here, do not rule out quantity-insensitive iambs, which do exist in the osage language (Altshuler 2009).
He said that since COFE took over the oversight function of the Iraqi oil sales from the IAMB last June, Kuwait received from the Compensation Commission two payments of more than one USD billion each: the first was on July 28th and the second on October 27th.
In the valediction that 'Hipponax' addresses to the philologoi in Callimachus's first Iamb, he treats his audience to a medley of what are most probably familiar iambic tropes: among them appears the expression "to trade in blows" ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], 89).
(4) In classical Greek and Latin, dactyls, anapaests, iambs and so on were patterns of long and short syllables.
(36) Under the terms of UNSCR1546 (and renewed by subsequent resolutions), the DFI is monitored by an International Advisory and Monitoring Board (IAMB), which provides periodic reports on Iraq's oil export revenue, Iraq's use of its oil revenues, and its oil production practices.
Its use not only assists ship IAMB in aggressively managing the IAVM program, but it can also provide Immediate Superior in Command (ISIC), program offices and other computer network defense organizations with visibility into the status of their commands or systems.
chunks, or other iamb stew meat Salt and freshly ground black pepper About 1 tbsp.