IAMESIllinois Association for Medical Equipment Services (Naperville, IL)
IAMESInternational Association of Middle Eastern Studies
IAMESInternational Association of Macro Engineering Societies
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The strange and dangerovs voyage of Captaine Thomas Iames, in his intended discouery of the Northwest Passage into the South Sea....
Even as the museums and libraries of Iraq burned, participants at an April 2003 conference of the International Association of Middle East Studies (IAMES) in Northern Cyprus took stock of the wider consequences of the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq, and of the responsibilities subsequently imposed on the international academic community, as represented in our collective by Iraqi and Arab scholars having personal and institutional direct contacts on the ground in Iraq.
O sait michel garde nous du cornant De corps cornu car se le corne rompt Cornupetant nous venra escornant Quant les anges de leur cor corneront Le corps ne rompt iames aux bien cornez Aux oreilles cornans nuit et vespree Pour nous rendre de nos corps escornez Auecques toute cornardie escornee.
At the Illinois Association for Medical Equipment Services (IAMES), Oak Brook, we've developed a low-cost way to reach the public through our members and provide home health care information that presents the industry's point of view.
Bernard, so as the great familiaritie he had with her made the world doubt of her chastitie, and when as they saw that the King honored him with the chiefe charges of the Realme, making him master of the order of St Iames, and then Duke of Albuquergue, they did imagine that he made him play his part in this Comedie, which ended with cruel & tragicall effects.
Compos'd by Mr Iames Kremberg one of the Gentlemen of Her Majestys Musick.
Iames?--you think he took the time to bury them like that, to figure out who loved who?"
In the digressive version, however, the same record appears as: 'Iames, the sonne of Anne wheatlie, the Daughtor of Iames wheatlie Hacknye man, Dwelling in Coxes Alye: was baptized the xth of Septembre 1591 who had for his witnesses, Iames wheatlie his grandfather, And nichollas wheatlye his Cossine, And Ealline Lyde, Richard wittrens his wyues Daughtor'.
Meagher points out that this acclamation was not spontaneous but staged: York's common council had arranged for "a certaine nowmbre of childrine as shal be gaddard togiddre aboute sanct Iames Chappell, calling joyfully 'king Henrie' after the manner of children."