IAMMInstitut Agronomique Méditerranéen de Montpellier
IAMMIslamic Arts Museum Malaysia
IAMMIndian Association of Medical Microbiologists
IAMMInternational Association of Mold Management
IAMMInternational Association of Medical Museums
IAMMInternational Association of Music Ministries
IAMMInternational Alliance for Multichannel Music
IAMMInformation Assurance Maturity Model
IAMMInternational Academy of Management and Marketing
IAMMIndian Association of Materials Management
IAMMIndividual Augmentation Management Module
IAMMIntegrated Airline Menu Management
IAMMInteroperability Assessment Management Model
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Evaluation des pratiques phytosanitaires a l'aide d'indicateurs de pression et de toxicite sur l'homme : Application dans le sous bassin versant de la Merja Zerga au Maroc, Master of Science, CIHEAM- IAMM.
IAMM Sailors receive TEMADD/indeterminate temporary duty (ITDY) orders.
A forum will be held at the IAMM auditorium to discuss issues relevant to the modern Muslim women.
Flamm previously served as chief financial officer for IAMM, a multinational corporation.
Sixty percent of war-on-terror assignments are made via the IA/GSA process, while the IAMM assignment process remains agile enough to meet the dynamic demands of the combatant commanders.
The following is a snapshot of Fleet Supply enlisted personnel currently on IA for rate-specific requirements: Rate IAMM * GSA Total % GSA CS 62 47 109 43 SH 31 5 3G 14 SK 131 75 20G 36 PC 3 1 4 25 Total 227 128 355 36 FILLING "ANY RATE" BILLETS: Rate IAMM GSA Total CS 29 4 33 SH 7 2 9 SK 12 2 14 TOTAL 48 8 56 * * The numbers above do not include personnel awaiting training or in training
The three primary forms of IAs today are GSA Sailors, IAMM Sailors and mobilized Reserve Sailors.