IANIIntended Average Net Income (UK)
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Currently in the oral surgery clinic of ENES Leon, approximately 300 LTM surgeries are performed each month, in order to prevent IANI, a greater knowledge of the morphological characteristics of MC in the population of the region is required.
Ferraro, L., Iani, C., Mariani, M., Milanese, N., & Rubichi, S.
Prosecutor Mark Giul iani said: "The defendant phoned his mother and said 'I won't be back.
Riggio, L., Iani, C., Gherri, E., Benatti, F., Rubichi, S., & Nicoletti, R.
"Now, Russians are around 95% of buyers, and the Irish, British, Scandinavians and Romanians are the remaining 5%," says Iani Stoimenov, chief executive of Vision One, a property consultancy in Sofia.
Ar(r)i(i) | Manl(iani), ui(uus), | u(otum) s(oluitt) [l(ibens)] m(erito).
John Iani, a former NEPA attorney representing seafood processors on Kodiak, stresses the importance of balance.
(2.) For example, between June 27th and August 31st 1953 (36 days), Patrol Officer John McArthur, accompanied by Cadet Patrol Officer E Healy, 18 police, 2 interpreters and 20 carriers, patrolled the 'the Kumiava Post SSW [south south west] along Iani River to within 11 miles of territorial border' (McArthur 1953:1).
Se establecen nuevos vinculos de poder y se convoca a la competitividad como el vigoroso instrumento del "nuevo desarrollo" (1); emergen conflictos y entrecruzamientos entre, por una parte, unidades y actores del mismo Estado nacional, y por otra, situaciones, procesos y espacios sociales transnacionales (Ferrer, 1996; Iani, 1999; Chomsky y Dieterich, 1999; Garcia Canclini, 2000; Alonso Aguilar, 2002).