IANPIdaho Association of Naturopathic Physicians (est. 1936)
IANPIowa Association of Nurse Practitioners (est. 1975)
IANPIntegratives Atmen Neurolinguistisches Programmieren (German: Integrative Breathing Neurolinguistic Programming)
IANPImmunoreactive Atrial Natriuretic Peptide
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The IANP follows up with families individually after class to answer any questions they may have, ensuring families' understanding of their child's medications, correct follow up of medication administration technique, and comprehension of their individualized AAP.
The IANP provides tailored one-to-one education for families who do not attend class.
When novice nurses and interns are primarily responsible for the assessment and care of patients with asthma, the IANP provides guidance, support, and expertise in clinical assessment and management.
The IANP completes the majority of individualized AAPs, in addition to guiding and directing other health care providers to do the same.
In the existing program, the IANP provides one-to-one class follow up and tailored one-to-one education for parents who do not attend asthma class.