IANPHIInternational Association of National Public Health Institutes (Finland)
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In addition, the IANPHI will promote research links among institutions through a seed grant programme to fund joint public health research projects with collaborating NPHIs.
The newly established IANPHI is a service-based organisation created to improve global public health by creating, strengthening, and linking NPHIs and NPHI leaders around the world.
IANPHI achieves its service mission through a 3-part approach of advocacy, technical assistance, and linkages.
As of June 2007, IANPHI had awarded technical assistance grants to public health institutes in 5 nations.
The cornerstone of the IANPHI approach is a peer-assistance model for NPHI strengthening and enhancement, with an emphasis on countries without NPHIs or with NPHIs in their early stages.
Through strategies to define and develop core public health functions and to share expertise, IANPHI helps NPHIs sharpen their focus and raise standards of performance.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is IANPHI president and principal investigator for the IANPHI grant.
The cornerstone of the IANPHI approach is a peer-assistance model for strengthening and enhancing national public health institutes, with an emphasis on low-resource countries without a national public health focus or with NPHIs in their early stages of development.
IANPHI was formally launched in January 2006 with 39 founding members and a one-year planning grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.