IANPHIInternational Association of National Public Health Institutes (Finland)
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IANPHI is managed by an executive board and a secretariat located both in Finland and in the United States.
IANPHI achieves its service mission through a 3-part approach of advocacy, technical assistance, and linkages.
IANPHI's long-term grant program, the most intensive of the assistance efforts, will help create NPHIs in low-resource countries that currently lack a central public health focus.
Furthermore, the PPHA was also asked to serve as the Secretariat for IANPHI Asia Chapter, which is an honor for Punjab.
The International Association of National Public Health Institutes (IANPHI), based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA is an organization of over 100 member organizations from 93 countries that prioritizes public health for 5 billion people on 6 continents.
By focusing on larger public health challenges affecting member countries, harnessing the power of scientific evidence, and implementing strategic policies, IANPHI has become the go to resource for disease surveillance, detection and monitoring, outbreak investigation and control, health information analysis, research, training, health education and laboratory science.
IANPHI is collaborating with the World Health Organization and other partners to develop a technical framework for NPHIs that can be used to inform IANPHI assessment and strengthening efforts as well as to provide an international 'gold standard' for NPHIs.
IANPHI will strengthen existing NPHIs in low-resource countries, and assist national governments in creating new institutes, through three technical assistance programmes.
Los miembros de la IANPHI generan conocimientos cientificos y coordinan actividades de salud publica en temas tales como el monitoreo y la evaluacion de enfermedades, la vigilancia epidemiologica, la investigacion de brotes infecciosos, el desarrollo de tecnicas de laboratorio y la realizacion de investigaciones, entre otros.
Objetivos de la IANPHI La principal prioridad de la IANPHI es fortalecer los sistemas nacionales de salud publica mediante el establecimiento de INSP.