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IANSAInternational Action Network on Small Arms
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As a diverse collection of human rights, arms control, relief, development, education, medical, and faith-based organizations, among others, from both the Global North and South, IANSA is scattered, disorganized, and unprepared to battle the effective and unified vision of the competing pro-gun coalition.
Paquistan objeto, ante el secretariado de la reunion, la acreditacion de seis de sus nacionales que fungirian como representantes de IANSA.
One thousand people a day are killed by small arms and thousands more are wounded, according to IANSA.
based NGOs of the Small Arms Working Group (SAWG), most of which were affiliated with IANSA.
De todo lo comentado en este punto, podemos concluir que desde el angulo de la autosuficiencia liquida la empresa IANSA presenta un muy bajo grado de solvencia.
Gun control at the United Nations is being pushed by the IANSA, a coalition of 600 NGOs (non-governmental organizations) funded by anti-gun governments and liberal foundations," Mason said.
Partners included Amnesty International, IANSA, CND, Women in Black, Penelopes, the Women's Institute, and Aldermaston and Men with Women's Peace Camps.
Oxfam, Amnesty and IANSA (International Action Network on Small Arms) have been campaigning for an international arms trade treaty to bring all countries up to the same standards and to stop the flow of weapons into the wrong hands.
Nuestra Academia propuso como futuros proyectos IANSA, la Sismicidad Historica de Sudamerica y TROPICANDES.
THIS week Amnesty International, Irish Section Oxfam Ireland and IANSA (the International Action Network on Small Arms) came together to launch an international campaign to control the arms trade.
Oxfam, Amnesty International and IANSA have organised what they claim is the first ever online photo petition, in which supporters of the campaign submit a photograph of themselves.