IANTIslamic Association of North Texas
IANTInternational Association of Nanotechnology (San Jose, CA)
IANTIndia Association of North Texas
IANTInternational Association of Natural Textiles (Japan)
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As the eZuce EZ partner community expands globally, IANT joins the ranks of fellow EZ partners Karel Electronics and eSofties within the EMEA region and enables eZuce strategic go-to-market positioning within Europe for further growth and expansion.
Mohammed Sulayman, president of the IANT, explained their goal: "If we don't explain Islam correctly, people like Osama bin Laden are going to explain it, which is very bad" (Hogan/Albach 2001).
These pods have already been selected by other European air forces, including the UK's Royal Air Force, and have been fitted to aircraft such as the Mirage and the Tornado, the ECR var iant of which has also been equipped with the film-based Lockheed Martin IR Imaging System, which features lower-level penetration, standoff capability and immediate onboard viewing of imagery.
Lush communities of vent organisms along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge ace dominated by large "eyeless" caridean shrimp (Chorocaris chacei and Rimicaris exaculata) and those along the East Pacific Rise and the Guaymas Basin, by g iant white clams (Calyptogcaa magnifica), mussels (Bathydiolus thermophilus), and tube worms (Riftia pacizyptila).
This may not help to soften her image but on the whole it has been a great asset as an actress, not only during the decade she spent, on and off, playing Cindy Beale but also in her role as the party girl desperate to settle down in Real Women, the brill iant BBC drama which she starred in last year.
The problems only began on arrival at the King Fahd Stadium, a structure built with no expense spared to resemble a g iant Bedouin tent.
mong those nominated for the awards are ohn llison, a ritish artist and writer, who has been nominated for both est umour Publication and est Continuing Series for his work on iant ays from oom Studios.
Def iant , resi l ient , furiously single-minded, quiet but outspoken, his journey from teenage precocity to this weekend's tear-stained farewell to arms has been equal parts aspirational and inspirational.
So I find myself stopping in a car park the size of Walsall where there are rows and rows and rowsof g iant articulated lorries.
Jack Hamilton scooping out Anthony Ralston's shot at the back post and blocking Johnston's shot, Nathan Ralph 's incredible headed goa l - l i ne clearance from Scott Sinclair, Cammy Kerr's br i l l iant block on Olivier Ntcham after James For rest laid waste to Ralph down the right flank.