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IAOFraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation
IAOIn And Out
IAOInformation Awareness Office (US DARPA)
IAOInformation Assurance Officer
IAOIncorporated Association of Organists (UK)
IAOIndividual Artists of Oklahoma (Oklahoma City, OK)
IAOInternational Astronomy Olympiad
IAOInternational Accreditation Organization
IAOIsis Apophis Osiris (alchemical formula)
IAOInformation Asset Owner (UK)
IAOInternational Association for Orthodontics
IAOIndustry Alliances Office
IAOInternational Announcement of Opportunity
IAOInstituto Agronomico per l'Oltremare (Italy)
IAOI Am Outtahere
IAOImprovise, Adapt, Overcome
IAOInstitute for Archaeological Oceanography
IAOInstitutional Affairs Office
IAOInterim Approval to Operate
IAOInformation Activities Office(r)
IAOIndustrial Applications Office
IAOInter-Agency Committee on Oceanography
IAOIndependent Artists of Oklahoma
IAOI Am Online
IAOIntegrated Operations Architecture
IAOInformation and Computer Science (ICS) Alumni Organization (University of California, Irvine)
IAOIndian Astronomical Observatory
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A comparacao intragrupo dos valores obtidos a partir do calculo dos tres indices absolutos (IAS, IAO e IAD) para G1, G2, G3 e para amostra total sao observados na Tabela 1.
The holographic expertise is provided by Georgyi Beilyn, technical director and formerly deputy director of the IAO, and Andrey Timoshenko, production director, who previously worked at the Lab of Applied Holography and the holography department of the National Museum.
En el otro extremo un estudiante que se clasifica como IAO = 3 (alto); IP = 3 (alto) y PROM = 3 (alto), suma un total de nueve puntos y su trayectoria se identifica como alta, pues ademas de aprobar en ordinario todos los cursos y, por lo tanto promoverlos, su promedio es superior a 85, estudiante matricula 98010084 en la Tabla VIII.
The IAO was founded by the Euro-Asian Astronomical Society to help develop astronomical proficiency among young people, guide them in choosing science careers, and improve astronomy and science teaching in secondary schools.
More efficient than location-based file managers, IAO is a smart and secure way to store, classify, retrieve and share files of any format.
We have yet to see any significant difference in the noise level in electric vehicles or gas-driven cars," says IAO department head Roland Blach.
Other standouts are: Snowmass Conopa, this years' IAO (International Alpaca Odyssey) get of sire champion and the futurity's reserve herdsire of the year; Snowmass Legacy's Lass who is dam to Snowmass Matrix, the worlds' highest selling alpaca, and Snowmass Delightful Duet, who is dam to this years' Herdsire of the Year, Snowmass Elite Legend.
It merits mentioned here that the IAO was also in process of starting a technical assistance programme to support fruit and vegetable growers in the Swat valley that would help improvement of production and marketing in the horticultural value chain.
Michael Macht, born in Stuttgart in 1960, studied Mechanical Engineering at Stuttgart University and was scientist at Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO, before he started his career at Porsche AG in 1990, becoming specialist for engine planning.