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IAOFraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation
IAOIt's All Over (various organizations)
IAOInternational Affairs Office (various organizations)
IAOIn And Out
IAOInformation Awareness Office
IAOInput Analysis Output
IAOIndian Astronomical Observatory
IAOInformation Awareness Office (US DARPA)
IAOInformation Assurance Officer
IAOIncorporated Association of Organists (UK)
IAOIndividual Artists of Oklahoma (Oklahoma City, OK)
IAOInternational Astronomy Olympiad
IAOInternational Accreditation Organization
IAOIndividual Assistance Officer
IAOIsis Apophis Osiris (alchemical formula)
IAOInformation Asset Owner (UK)
IAOInternational Association for Orthodontics
IAOIsomerized Alpha Olefin (oil)
IAOInternational Affairs Organization (various locations)
IAOIndustry Alliances Office
IAOInstituto Agronomico per l'Oltremare (Italy)
IAOInternational Announcement of Opportunity
IAOI Am Outtahere
IAOIrish Association of Orthoptists (vision; Ireland)
IAOImprovise, Adapt, Overcome
IAOInstitute for Archaeological Oceanography
IAOInstitutional Affairs Office
IAOInformation Activities Office(r)
IAOInterim Approval to Operate
IAOIndustrial Applications Office
IAOInter-Agency Committee on Oceanography
IAOIndependent Artists of Oklahoma
IAOI Am Online
IAOIntegrated Operations Architecture
IAOInformation and Computer Science (ICS) Alumni Organization (University of California, Irvine)
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In protest, they did not allow the IAO session to continue and tried to storm the parliament under anti-Russian slogans.
IAO President and Russian State Duma member Sergey Gavrilov opened the session at the Georgian Parliament.
Gavrilov, president of the IAO's General Assembly, addressed delegates in his native Russian from the Georgian parliamentary speaker's seat.
1.286 1.341 1.261 1.087 1.111 Gross margin -552 -216 1.988 484 2.690 IAO -2.733 -2.397 -193 -1.696 495 Economic profit -12.297 -11.507 -9.291 -10.769 -8.515 Medium intensification in pasture management Total revenue 46.884 49.521 51.625 42.666 48.071 Milk 41.956 44.271 46.570 37.691 43.166 Waste/scraps 4.928 5.250 5.054 4.975 4.904 TOC 46.769 48.676 46.275 40.438 41.670 AOC 44.540 46.447 44.046 38.209 39.427 Depreciation 2.229 2.229 2.229 2.229 2.243 Total cost 59.806 61.220 58.607 52.737 53.865 Fixed costs 13.844 13.299 13.303 13.386 13.372 Return on land 987 726 957 833 725 Ret.
The agreement was subject to several conditions, including the satisfactory results of a due diligence that Iao Kun will conduct on the shares to be sold, G and L, and its assets and business.
Iao Kun Group said this is part of a plan to transform the company's overall strategy and begin to focus its efforts on the Chinese technology industry.
to the Iao Kun Group for 117.5 billion Korean won or P4.7 billion.
The successful completion of the program will result in the issue of an 'International Accreditation Organization' (IAO), USA accredited '5S Lean -- Certified Professional & Lead Auditor' certificate.
Founded in 1996, the International Astronomy Olympiad (IAO) is an internationally recognized annual astronomy scientific-educating event for high school students, which includes an intellectual competition between these students.
When I conducted the choir of the IAO Congress in Durham in 1991 I never expected that 23 years later I would welcome the IAO back here as its president."
Apos as transcricoes das provas de nomeacao de figuras e de imitacao de palavras, foram classificados os tipos de erro (distorcoes, omissoes e substituicoes), contabilizado o numero de processos fonologicos e calculados os indices PCC-R, PDI, Indice Absoluto de Substituicao (IAS), Indice Absoluto de Distorcao (IAD) e Indice Absoluto de Omissao (IAO).
Vanessa Fabian-Sollo, Emily Faulconer, Rebekah Galick, Sean Galka, Rachel Geller, True Gibson, Irene Globus-Harris, Nicholas Gombart, Olivia Goodheart, Selena Gregory, James Grossman, Grace Grymonpr-Dwyer, Noah Hadnutt, Ryan Hall, Iao Harrowe, Benjamin Harter, Cassandra Hatcher, Cassidy Hatcher, Dahlia Henderson, Jeremy Henninger-Chiang, Megan Henshaw, Molly Henshaw, Hazel Hering, Alyson Heusch, Tucker Hines, Zall Hirschstein, Michael Holland, Zo' Holub, Johanna Hostick, Zoe Hutson, Boran Israel-Megerssa, Solan Israel-Megerssa,