IAPACInternational Association of Physicians in AIDS Care
IAPACIranian American Political Action Committee
IAPACIndian American Political Advocacy Council (est. 1994)
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IAPAC guidelines recommend routine patient self-reports of adherence, adding that pharmacy refill records can also be checked for clinical monitoring of patients without automatic refills.
Dr Lange's loss is acutely felt by IAPAC, of which he was an honorary lifetime IAPAC member.
Venturi, "Automotive calibration of the IAPAC fluid dynamically controlled two-stroke combustion process," SAE Paper 960363, 1996.
Kenneth Mayer, chairman of the IAPAC TasP/PrEP Advisory Committee, and medical research director at the Fenway Institute in Boston.
The consensus statement is available at the IAPAC website, www.iapac.org.
In February, Omar told PAAIA and IAPAC, "I have already knocked on 1,000 doors and will knock on 3,000 more.
Extensive training materials for medical professionals through GALEN (Global AIDS Learning and Evaluation Network) and the International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care (IAPAC), http://www.iapac.org/home.asp?pid= 184.
In an effort to decrease the international AIDS care gap, a team of 54 physicians led by the International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care (IAPAC) created GALEN--The Global AIDS Learning and Evaluation Network.
9, 2001 (reporting that the International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care (IAPAC) argue successful HIV treatment faces many other obstacles besides the high price of drug treatment).
What IAPAC really needs for a solid clinical trial are volunteers who are not infected now but almost assuredly will be.
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The International Association of Providers in AIDS Care (IAPAC) empaneled 20 experts to sift the data and propose recommendations not only for antiretroviral adherence, but also for entry into care and retention in care.