IAPFIrish Association of Pension Funds (Dublin, Ireland)
IAPFInter-American Peace Force
IAPFInternational Anti Poaching Foundation (Australia and Zimbabwe)
IAPFInternational Association of Peace Foundations
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Only 31% of those over 50 believe they will have enough money saved for retirement and the IAPF is calling for "more action and less rhetoric" from the Government.
IAPF has an established management team on the ground in Australia as well as a highly experienced Board of Directors with both Australian and South African representation.
IAPF is an Australian domiciled Real Estate Investment Trust inwardly listed on the JSE with Investec Property Limited (Australia) having the primary responsibility for the operation and governance of the Fund.
This solid property platform, combined with the Fund having no gearing at the outset gives us head room and the springboard to aggressively seek investment opportunities while always remaining faithful to our core focus to underlying property fundamentals, said IAPF CEO Graeme Katz.
Raymond McKenna, of the IAPF, told the Pensions Adequacy and Governance conference in Dublin that some people should be paying up to 25 per cent of their income into their pensions.
The IAPF spoke out in the wake of the global equity tumble that has seen billions wiped off the value of pensions.