IAPLInternational Association for Philosophy and Literature
IAPLInternational Association of Penal Law (est. 1924; France)
IAPLInternational Association of People's Lawyers (Utrecht, Netherlands)
IAPLInternational Association of Procedural Law (est. 1955)
IAPLInternational Association of Practising Lawyers (Switzerland)
IAPLInternational Aluminium Products Ltd. (India)
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Two years later, IAPL came into existence when it was hived off.
India's global dominance makes IAPL a global giant too, with the company providing about a fourth of the world's castor oil.
9 per cent stake in IAPL, investing nearly Rs 30 crore.
Nevertheless, part of the value of professional organizations such as the IAPL and the SSA is that they afford us the opportunity to establish new affiliatory systems, giving us the chance to engage in scholarly activity outside of mainstream affiliational orders.
The work of certain faculty members may intermingle philosophy and literary studies, and specialized professional organizations such as the IAPL may provide a public forum for such work, but the status of philosophy and literary studies as specialized fields and institutions has not changed significantly.
I can think of no better forums to discuss openly such matters than journals such as symploke and professional organizations such as the IAPL and SSA, which have strong links to a number of fields, and which support and encourage interdisciplinary scholarship.