IARDInvestment Adviser Registration Depository
IARDIncendie, Accidents et Risques Divers (French: property and casualty insurance)
IARDInternational Agriculture and Rural Development (Cornell University)
IARDImmediate Action Rapid Deployment (police tactic)
IARDImmediate Action Rapid Deployment (emergency police response)
IARDInternational Association for Relativistic Dynamics (various locations)
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"Dangerous!" grunted the "deaf and dumb" Span- iard -- to the vast surprise of the boys.
This was emphasised by IARD, who said that alcohol produced and sold illegally outside the governments regulation is especially problematic because it is untaxed, can be sold to anyone at any time, is not consistent in quality and is potentially toxic.DEATHS AND BLINDNESSKenya has adequate proof of the danger posed by this, and there have been many instances over the years of deaths and blindness as a result of taking illicit alcohol.
2) Establish a national sector ownership process--To advance IARD, many vexing constraints and issues deal with sensitive engrained internal political, political/economy, governance, and policy matters that require unprecedented levels of focused public good, private sector, and donor coordinated investments over a sustained 10-15 year period.
Also central to IARD's mission will be supporting and accelerating implementation of the Beer, Wine and Spirits Producers' Commitments to Reduce Harmful Drinking (www.producerscommitments.org).
* interarm distance (IArD)--the distance between the arms of the appliance anterior extensions (Figure 2).
As the sale attracted little interest from other potential buyers, Allianz could be able to snatch up the unit from Groupama for less than EUR700m, the paper said.La Defense, France-based Gan Eurocourtage IARD, founded in 1997, specialises in insurance and brokerage services.
However, in an April 8, 2011 letter, Robert Plaze, associate director of the SEC's Division of Investment Management, explained that once the final transition rules are implemented, the Investment Adviser Registration Depository system (IARD) will need to be reprogrammed to accept the transition filings.
Fortis has sold its EUR22m GWP Luxembourg general insurance business, IARD, to Swiss group La Baloise for EUR23m.
La Reunion Aerienne, an international pool, counts among its members Arch Insurance Co., Generali Assurances IARD, Groupama Transport, Mapfre Industrial, Mutuelle du Mans Assurances and Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.
There is also a fascinating essay by Prof Bosworth in which he compares Alexander to Cortes, and Alexander's conquests to those of the Span iard in South America.
A pilot implementation of the system, known as the Investment Adviser Registration Depository (IARD), ended November 3.
The system, which is called the Investment Adviser Registration Depository (IARD), will permit investment advisers to satisfy filing obligations under state and Federal laws by making a single electronic filing.