IARFInternational Association for Religious Freedom
IARFIllinois Association of Rehabilitation Facilities
IARFIschemic Acute Renal Failure (kidneys)
IARFIdiopathic Acute Renal Failure
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After the debate a proposed motion was passed without dissent that the NHAA should end its involvement in IARF. In honouring that decision I have written to the other associations involved and passed on the decision of the members.
The Department Of Transportation And Public Facilities (Dot&pf) Seeks The Services Of An Independent Auditor To Review The Fund Distribution Methodology For The Alaska International Airport System (Aias), International Airport Revenue Fund (Iarf), Highway Equipment Working Capital Fund (Hewcf) And The Marine Highway Fund.
Two groups we are currently working with are ARONAH and IARF.
Worldwide communions with heterodox christologies Church of Christ, Scientist 2,500,000 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (CJCLdS) 12,291,000 International Alliance of Churches of the Truth 800,000 International Council of Unitarians and Universalists (ICUU) 282,000 Jehovah's Christian Witnesses (Watch Tower, IBRA, JWs) 16,541,000 Unification Church (Holy Spirit Association for World Christianity) 839,000 40 other non- or antitrinitarian heterodox communions: IACT, IARF, IGAS, INTA, et alia 2,000,000 10.
No.1 To 4, 17 To 19, A,B & C Block At Iarf Para And 1 & 2 Of G Type And Typev (New) Bldg.
Ian and Mabel Argo bought the bakery from Iarfs father George in the 1950s.