IARIIInternational Archaeological Research Institute, Inc. (Honolulu, HI)
IARIIInternational Accelerated Radical Innovation Institute (Toledo, Ohio)
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However, information about the timing of onsets of terrigenous sediment deposition is available from Guam's southwestern coast north of the IARII Laguas coring site (Athens and Ward 2004a:26-27).
They include palynological indicators of savanna communities such as Gleichenia linearis, Lycopodium cernuum and Poaceae (grasses; the pollen of individual grass species is not usually identifiable), which make their first 'significant' appearance in the Pago and IARII Laguas cores at about the same time as the earliest charcoal particles, between 4800 and 3300 calBP (Athens and Ward 2004a:Figs.
In the interior upland Pago Valley core (Ward 1994), sediment accumulated much more rapidly here than in the IARII Laguas core on the west coast.