IARMInsurance and Risk Management
IARMInternational Animal Rescue Malta (est. 1993; International Animal Rescue)
IARMIndian Affairs Records Management (US DOI)
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Both the iARM and the RAPUDA can perform following tasks:
We used these 43 objects as target objects, and conducted operation experiments about "a4300: lifting" by the iARM and the RAPUDA.
In addition, the presence/absence of rubber finger (RF) is another condition in the case of the iARM. The standard conditions are presence of TC, use of TE, and presence of RF.
The difference of the success rate between the iARM and the RAPUDA depends on mostly the hand (not the arm).
"With the signing of the agreement, the Macedonian companies accredited by IARM have become equal members on the European market.
IARM started the process of accreditation in February of 2009 and ended it successfully in April this year.
The iArmS system is built to allow surgeons to carry out extensive procedures for an extended period of time by minimising hand tremors and fatigability.
The EXPERT system is similar to iArmS to markedly decrease hand tremor and fatigability.39
###EXPERT system###-similar to iArmS with improved functioning
Ogiwara T1, Goto T1, Nagm A1,2, Hongo K Endoscopic endonasal transsphenoidal surgery using the iArmS operation support robot: initial experience in 43 patients.