IARRInternational Association for Relationship Research (biennial conference)
IARRInternational Association for Radiation Research
IARRInteragency Resource Representative
IARRInternal Average Relative Reflectance
IARRInterim Agreed-upon Rate Recommendation
IARRIndirect Antiglobulin Rosetting Reaction
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The IARR is used to normalize images to a scene average spectrum.
In a common practice, MNF components with eigenvalues less than 1 are usually excluded from the data as noise in order to improve the subsequent spectral processing results [13], The MNF procedure was applied on the IARR data, since the eigenvalues of all MNF eigenimages of the data were greater than 1, so all the 9 bands were retained for subsequent data processing, color composite MNF Band1, 2, 3 shown in, (Fig.
These spectra could be derived from IARR images based on the spatial locations or can be taken from MNF images by inversing the MNF plots to the spectra.