IARSLCEInternational Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement
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In cooperating with the leaders behind the past ISL Summits held at Washington University and Northwestern, and the one to be held at Duke University in March 2015, we have been able to draw deeper connections between that community, the cohort of GSL scholars regularly present at IARSLCE, researchers and practitioners who have attended the Cornell-New York Campus Compact-Amizade GSL Institutes, and some of the regular participants in the Forum on Education Abroad.
We look forward to continuing to grow with this rapidly advancing area of research and practice, online and in-person, through IARSLCE pre-conferences, Cornell-NYCC GSL Institutes, and the upcoming March 2015 ISL Summit at Duke and the fall 2016 Summit at Kansas State University.
We also extend our thanks to participants in the pre-conference workshop facilitated by Barbara Harrison and Patti Clayton at the 2013 IARSLCE conference for thinking with us about how threshold experiences might be conceptualized in faculty learning in service-learning and thereby helping to shape the ideas shared in this article.