IAS-USAInternational AIDS Society-USA
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Since the previous IAS-USA guidelines were published in 2016 (JAMA.
"We are offering assistance as needed, and as each unique situation requires," IAS-USA executive director and president Donna M.
Michael Saag, the panel cochair for IAS-USA, said during a telephone briefing held to announce the launch.
The development of the recommendations was sponsored by the IAS-USA, according to the authors.
The patients with [greater than or equal to] 3 DRV-specific resistance mutations had a mean total number of protease resistance mutations from the IAS-USA list of 13.5 [+ or -] 1.9, whereas individuals with < 3 DRV-specific resistance mutations had a mean number of 8.1 [+ or -] 4.0 (p < 0.001).
In May 2000, a panel of the International AIDS Society-USA (IAS-USA) endorsed the use of drug resistance testing.[1] Although it relied on relatively limited surrogate marker data, and although it acknowledged the technical deficiencies of resistance tests, the panel nevertheless recommended the use of these assays in a variety of clinical scenarios.
The recommendations of the IAS-USA panel are made in the context of other recommendations from yet another group of experts, namely the Panel on Clinical Practices for Treatment of HIV Infection.
The IAS-USA panel's premature endorsement of resistance testing is also not without opportunity costs.
Thompson and a panel convened by the International Antiviral Society--USA (IAS-USA) conducted a literature review of all new published data and data presented at scientific conferences between July 2010 and May 2012.