IASCOIran Alloy Steel Co.
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Among IASCO's students were dozens of Chinese nationals with student visas, according to court records.
Shi told reporters that he had been in the United States for about seven months -- living with several other IASCO trainees at an apartment in Redding.
An unrelated lawsuit, filed last year by a former instructor, alleges that some of IASCO's Chinese students spoke so little English that they could not safely fly and that one had nearly crashed into another plane because he had misunderstood his teacher's instructions.
To do so, we introduce two methods: a centroid based method called the IASCO algorithm, and the YIR method as follows.
The IASCO algorithm proposed by Melgarejo in [12] is an improvement of the Enhanced Karnik-Mendel algorithm (See Karnik & Mendel in [22]) for Type-reduction of an Interval Type-2 fuzzy set.
Other authors like Melgarejo [12] proposed the algorithm IASCO (Iterative Algorithm With Stop Condition) which improves the computation of C(A), as shown as follows:
IASCO, sponsored by Sheikha Rasha Al-Sabah together with the Indian Embassy in Kuwait, was founded in 2000, and is expected to send a delegation to visit the Travel Expo in Kerala (Kerala Travel Mart 2012), which includes a number of eminent personalities, media representatives and industry, travel and tourism practitioners.
IASCO encompasses the technology for production of more than 160 steel grades in different groups.
In Addition, IASCO is capable of designing and production of more than 150 alloy steel grades, micro alloy steel containing Boron, Vanadium, Titanium and Niobium and new Sections.
IASCO offers: Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Vacuum Forming, Acrylic, Moldmaking, and Science kits for classrooms, Pewter, C[O.sub.2] Cars, Rockets, Electronics, Plastic sheets, Fiberglass, and Balsa.