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IASEInternational Association for Statistical Education
IASEInformation Assurance Support Environment (DISA)
IASEInstitute of Advanced Studies in Education (Deemed University; India)
IASEInstytut Automatyki Systemow Energetycznych (Polish: Institute of Power Systems Automation)
IASEInternational Association of Special Education
IASEIllinois Administrators of Special Education
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The IASE units are laser focused on one objective: heat rejection.
Unlike water-side (3) and wet-bulb (4) economizer systems, IASE systems may operate dry during cooler ambient conditions, resulting in lower annual water consumption and elimination of freeze concerns.
IASE systems achieve supply temperature control by varying scavenger fan flow and staging/modulating DX or modulating chilled water valves.
IASE systems, using wetted HXs (described later in the article), require a maximum recirculating water flow rate of 2 gpm (0.
When integrated with scavenger air evaporative cooling, refrigeration capacity may be significantly reduced on IASE systems in virtually all climates, which is not true of conventional direct air-side economizers or wet-bulb economizer installations that require supply air dew point to be maintained below the current allowable value for Class I environments of 63[degrees]F (17.
IASE units have a rapid restart after power outage with little delay reaching full heat rejection potential.
The HJ18ex28B IASE lens is another step forward in providing the most diverse line of eHDxs ENG/EFP lenses, and will be a welcome addition for camera operators who require a smaller, lighter weight Super Telephoto lens," said Gordon Tubbs, assistant director of the Broadcast and Communications Division at Canon U.
With the addition of the HJ18ex28B IASE lens, Canon's full line of ENG/EFP eHDxs portable lenses includes seven other third-generation models: the HJ40x Telephoto series; the Wide Angle HJ11ex4.
I would like to thank Leo Divinagracia for computer programming assistance, Kevin Quinn and Thomas Rhoads as discussants for an earlier version of this paper, conference participants at the May, 2008 IASE meetings in Gijon, Spain, and the July, 2008 WEAI meetings in Honolulu, and referees of this journal.
The main components of the revised scheme are the setting up of new District Institutes of Education and Training (DIETs), Colleges of Teacher Education (CTEs) and Institutes of Advance Study in Education (IASEs), as well as strengthening of existing DIETs, CTEs and IASEs.
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Under the contract, Litton will design, develop and eventually produce IASes for the AH-1W (4BW) SuperCobra attack helicopter with an option for an IAS for the UH-1N (4BN) Huey utility helicopter, optimizing commonality of hardware across platforms.