IASERInstitute of Applied Social and Economic Research
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Optical guiding of intense laser pulses may prove a crucial element in the development of tabletop X-ray lasers, compact particle accelerators, and practical nuclear fusion reactors that rely on powerful Iaser beams to initiate fusion.
"A history of prohibition and liquor legislation in Papua New Guinea, 1884-1963." IASER Discussion Paper No.
IASER Special Publication, No.11 Boroko: Institute of Applied Social and Economic Research
This fly is the only bug to have a pair of custom made glasses sized to fit its tiny, 2 millimeter (008 inch) wide head The German company Micreon engineered the specs to demonstrate their ability to make micro-size objects using Iasers. These devices emit a concentrated, highenergy beam of light to cut shapes out of different materials, Micreon's lasers can create parts smaller than a thousandth of a millimeter--that's about 80 times smaller than the width of a human hair.