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Lineas de producto: Refacciones y accesorios para equipo de computo, impresoras Iaser, computadores, laptops, servidores y PoS.
Optical guiding of intense laser pulses may prove a crucial element in the development of tabletop X-ray lasers, compact particle accelerators, and practical nuclear fusion reactors that rely on powerful Iaser beams to initiate fusion.
Al respecto, Villy Fine, director ejecutivo de Mercado General y Canales en el pais, senalo que dentro de todo el mercado Iaser, las impresoras y multifuncionales se encuentran en etapa de madurez; es decir, "no vemos un crecimiento importante, solo en la parte de color notamos una gran oportunidad".
"A history of prohibition and liquor legislation in Papua New Guinea, 1884-1963." IASER Discussion Paper No.
IASER Special Publication, No.11 Boroko: Institute of Applied Social and Economic Research
This fly is the only bug to have a pair of custom made glasses sized to fit its tiny, 2 millimeter (008 inch) wide head The German company Micreon engineered the specs to demonstrate their ability to make micro-size objects using Iasers. These devices emit a concentrated, highenergy beam of light to cut shapes out of different materials, Micreon's lasers can create parts smaller than a thousandth of a millimeter--that's about 80 times smaller than the width of a human hair.