IASFAInternational Academy of Sport for All
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Joo Gomes Cravinho added that since the IASFA is an essential and irreplaceable mission for the military and its virtues, it has been verified through various internal and external circumstances that a new management dynamic is "imperative".
"The appointment of the two members, Paula Costa and Manuel Lopes, after a long and demanding and careful process, has as its main objective to renew the Board of Directors", intends to assign to the management of IASFA the "demanding mission of finding new solutions , giving it a renewed dynamic in an institutional, legal and regulatory context that has also changed a lot in the last decade.
The ceremony was attended by the Secretary of State for National Defense, Ana Santos Pinto, the Deputy Chiefs of the three branches of the Armed Forces, the President of the Directing Council of IASFA and leaders of the National Defense Government area.