IASIAInternational Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (Brussels, Belgium)
IASIAInstitute for Advanced Studies in Immunology and Aging
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Dr Bin Shams described IASIA aspirations as compatible with the aspirations and ambitions of Bahrain on upgrading its public administration.
The big reason Don felt such ownership in each of these pillars of our professional community--ASPA, NASPAA, NAPA, APWA, ACIPA, IASIA, and on down the line--was that he helped create all of them, and served in top leadership positions of every one of them, usually as chair, president, or executive director.
The IASIA Working Group has examined some of these company-based corporatization and divestment initiatives in a series of country studies (de Ru and Wettenhall, 1990; Thynne, 1995, 1998).
The IIAS, IASIA and IRAS were only part of Ken's international story.
Dr Ban Suk Kim, the IIAS head and Dr Michelle Ferris, head of IASIA praised the initiative and wished it great success.
He also congratulated IIAS and IASIA on the election of their new boards of directors.
It attracted even some heads of foreign countries and regional organizations such as dictator Iasias Afewerki of Eritrea, the Chadian tyrant, President Idriss Debby and of course, not to mention the top African Union Chief.
About IASIAS has operations in diverse business sectors: banking, bio-energy, real estate, trading, oil and gas exploration, diamonds and gold, infrastructure, telecommunications, aviation, and special economic zone.