IASMIn A Similar Manner
IASMInternational Association of Structural Movers
IASMInformation Assurance and Security Management
IASMInstitutions and Social Mechanisms (consortium at the University of Turku; Finland)
IASMIntelligent Agent Security Manager (Promia, Inc.)
IASMI Am Sold Myself
IASMInstitute for Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine
IASMIntelligent Agent Security Module (US DoD)
IASMIndian Association of Sports Medicine
IASMInstitute for Adventist Studies in Mormonism
IASMInstitute of Advanced Studies in Mathematics (now the Elisha Netanyahu Institute of Advanced Studies in Mathematics; Israel)
IASMIrish Atomistic Simulators Meeting
IASMInfrastructure Access and Security Management
IASMImperial Academy of Science and Medicine (Australia)
IASMInstitute of Applied Science and Medicine
IASMIntegrale Aanpak Stroomgebied de Mark
IASMinterdisciplinary aspects of survey methods
IASMInstructor and Adjunct Support Manual
IASMInstitute of Advanced Study in Mathematics (Zhejiang University; China)
IASMIndustry Association Stewardship Mobilization
IASMInternational Area Sales Manager
IASMInternational Association for Somatidian Microbiology
IASMIndustrial Analysis Support Manager (US DoD)
IASMInformation Appliances Supervising Module
IASMIntegration of Academic Staff Members
IASMIndividual Academic Staff Members
IASMIntegrated Assessment Services Model
IASMInformative All Student Meetings
IASMIndiana Academic Standards for Mathematics
IASMInformation Assurance Security Manager
IASMInternational Association for Sport Management
IASMIntensive Aquaculture System Model
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Here was the strong feeling, the breathless interest, the hearty enthus iasm, not visible elsewhere.
IASMs were analysed in order to find out the differences in attitudes following the training.
where industry-adjusted SM (IASM) is equal to the difference between each firm's actual investment in SM at time t and the industry average SM (IAVGSM), the average value of peer firms within each company's four-digit GICS industry group at time t.
The mean (median) industry-adjusted stakeholder management score (IASM) is 0.04 (0.05).
The correlations between the two measures of DESM (IASM) and SM are significant.
Operationally, IASM provides network administrators with an intelligent security monitoring and assessment capability that displays possible intrusions or unauthorized use of networks instantly.
During the past three nights, the CPR-7 and BHR network managers utilized IASM to detect shipboard violations in the following areas: DoD blacklisted Internet access from a ship's computer system; e-mails with a virus-infected attachment leaving the ship; malevolent embedded ActiveX within a Shockwave flash file; detection of unencrypted passwords used for non-DoD Web site access; connecting to an online game server; spyware and malware; surfing to Web sites with inappropriate content; and bypassing the ship's proxy servers to surf the Web undetected.
With the increasing us of IASM teams in work organizations and the convergence of many high-technology fields, broad longitudinal teams in work organization and the convergency of many high-technology fields, broad longitudinal investigation is needed to provide insights into the understanding of its impact on the business environment.
Despite the frequency with IASM teams programs have been adopted in work organizations (Cayne, 1997; Forrester and Drexler, 1999) there is a paucity of knowledge generated by independent evaluators using rigorous methods as to the impact on employee attitudes and behaviors.
The Schine recommendations differed significantly from IASM's House Bill 216, even though each would permit partnerships between CPAs and non-CPAs.