IASRInternational Academy of Sex Research
IASRIntegrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (Canada)
IASRInternational Academy for Suicide Research (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
IASRIn A Single Round (gaming, Battlefield 2142)
IASRInstitute for Applied Surfactant Research (University of Oklahoma)
IASRInstitute of Applied Space Research (George Washington University; Washington, DC)
IASRInstitute for the Advanced Study of Religion (various locations)
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This model proposed gives deep insight into developing spirituality at work by taking key attributes of Ashmos model as antecedents(meaning at work and alignment of values), its relation with job attitudes(job involvement and job satisfaction; Refer table1 and table II) and suggested desired outcomes (four step to self development- 'iasr' model).
IASR has developed a single set of requirements derived from the IAS issued by IASB, but embodying only requirements for the most regularly encountered transactions.
For Level 2, IASR proposed guidelines for the preparation of general purpose financial statements of SMEs in developed and developing countries as well as in economies in transition.
Ajayi's research article was adjudged the best among 5,238 nominations from 86 countries across the world screened for the championship for 2018 in Angiology (Diabetics); and the Nigerian doctor is now recognized by IASR among world's 500 most influential experts in Angiology.
Infectious Agents Surveillance Report (IASR), 2015 [in Japanese] [cited 2016 Nov 27].
Japan's Infectious Agent Surveillance Report (IASR) system, which receives reports from local public health laboratories, * first received sporadic reports of HEV68 in 2005, with [less than or equal to] 10 cases identified each year until 2010.
On January 30, a rapid communication on the website of the Infectious Agents Surveillance Report (IASR) described this case as the first case of SFTS in Japan (2).
Clinical details of retrospective cases were reported on the IASR website (6,7).