IASRInternational Academy of Sex Research
IASRIntegrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (Canada)
IASRInternational Academy for Suicide Research (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
IASRIn A Single Round (gaming, Battlefield 2142)
IASRInstitute for Applied Surfactant Research (University of Oklahoma)
IASRInstitute of Applied Space Research (George Washington University; Washington, DC)
IASRInstitute for the Advanced Study of Religion (various locations)
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For Level 2, IASR proposed guidelines for the preparation of general purpose financial statements of SMEs in developed and developing countries as well as in economies in transition.
Although, due to space constraints, a complete description and analysis of SMEGA is not possible here, preparers and other commentators are urged to actively consider the guidance in this IASR document for further ideas and ways of reducing the accounting complexities facing SMEs.
Descriptions of clinical manifestations for new case-patients were also shared promptly on the IASR website (8-10).