IASSSIndiana Academic Standards for Social Studies
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In 2017, the IASSS affiliated with the International Society of Surgery/Societe Internationale De Chirurgie (ISS/SIC).
The IASSS has linked with InciSioN--the International Student Surgical Network--a global network of medical students, residents and young doctors advocating education in and performing research in global surgery.
The IASSS has partnered with two international companies to improve the educational resources offered to members.
In addition to driving its core objectives, the IASSS is establishing an elective programme to facilitate students travelling to other countries in order to gain surgical exposure and teaching from different perspectives.
From 2014 to 2017, committee members of the IASSS have managed these tasks in their spare time.
The IASSS has gone from strength to strength since its beginnings in Southern Africa.
Caption: Figure 1: Countries with IASSS Member Societies