IASWRInstitute for the Advancement of Social Work Research
IASWRInstitute for Advanced Studies of World Religions (Carmel, NY)
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Bka' 'gyur in Microforme, IASWR, 1974 and Bka' 'gyur of 101 volumes reproduced by Lokesh Chandra 1998
In the first article, Zlotnik and Solt describe the evolution and accomplishments of the IASWR.
In 2005, IASWR created a directory of NIH-funded social work researchers identifying close to 500 grants awarded since 1993 (IASWR, 2005).
In addition to these 15 universities, as noted in the IASWR Directory (IASWR, 2008), social work faculty from almost 50 schools were garnering greater success at obtaining pilot, career development, and research-initiated major grants from NIH and serving as co-principal investigators on interdisciplinary grants.
IASWR engages in a range of efforts to train researchers, synthesize research, develop practice-based research agendas, and transfer research into practice.
To strengthen practice-research connections and to highlight how social work perspectives can address the priorities of research funders, IASWR.
At the conclusion of the conference, Betsy approached me and asked if I would delay the initiation of efforts to establish a membership group until the new organizationally based IASWR was firmly off the ground.
Because of this false start, the actual founding of SSWR did not get underway until 1993, when all the major social work groups had pledged support for IASWR.
SSWR planned to work toward its goals with several initiatives: publishing a newsletter that would include notice of funding opportunities, job openings, and advocacy efforts for research funding; developing a database of social work researchers; holding national meetings; collaborating with IASWR in setting up a mentor program; sponsoring an awards program to recognize outstanding contributions to research by social workers; advocating for increased research resources; and disseminating research findings to the public and within the profession.
In April 1995, SSWR and IASWR cosponsored "Advancing Knowledge for Human Services: A National Conference of Social Work Researchers" at Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia.
Of the 39 PIs with training grants listed in the IASWR directory from 1993 to 2006, the largest percentage (69.
The CRISP data presented in this article and other historical overviews on training mechanisms provide some insight as to the broad investment by NIH across institutes and centers, whereas the IASWR data clearly underscore the relatively small amount of currently funded NIH training grants awarded to social workers.