IATCCIntegrated Air Traffic Control Centre
IATCCInter-Agency Transportation Coordination Committee (Department of Transportation and Development; Louisiana)
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The subject of the public contract is a major upgrade (generational renewal) Record / Replay system DTC IATCC for DPP systems, IDP and WALDO / ASTA2, AIX workstation, CENTOS.
The subject of performance of this contract is the preparation of project documentation editing operating room ATS and ITS in IATCC and workplaces to TEB to create the necessary conditions for the installation of new technology for air traffic management.
The subject of the public contract is to upgrade, renewal HW (8 pc workstations) and software system EMAN to HIFI SIMU IATCC, 3D TWR SIM SIMU SIMU and LKTB TR7 TR7 LKMT are mainly due to extensive development of ESUP.
The subject of the public contract is a further extension of RRS on the location IATCC / TEB adding the record currently unserved workplaces and the possibility of so-called.
The subject of the public contract is a substantial renewal and Alert System Gateway to the DTC IATCC for all DPP systems (IDP ESUP, WALDO / ASTA2, mini ESUP, ELS, Bypass, AIX workstation, CENTOS, the administrator workstation).
The subject of the public contract is to extend the functionality of existing software systems (AFM Alstanet Facility Management) in the area of MIS for other data processing circuits within the scope of the following areas:- Support the implementation of reservations training and meeting rooms in buildings and IATCC LKPR- Implementation Support reserves space education center in IATCC (including interconnection, publication outputs on the extranet portal)- Extension of existing opportunities and approval process workflows in the ServiceDesk processing change requests, extension of services already started, and approval workflow for selected applications for the establishment, changes to services ATMS / LTS respectively.