IATEFLInternational Association for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language
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Glenda Smart, an executive officer with IATEFL, based at the University of Kent, said: "Each year we rotate the conference to different venues so that it is in different parts of the UK.
TTI also has sponsored and continues to sponsor courses, seminars, and national and international conferences in association with the IATEFL, KOSETA, KATE, KAESET, KOTESOL, the British Council, and many other organizations.
IATEFL Pronunciation Special Interest Group Newsletter, 43, 3-7.
Unmarked Improvement: Values, Facts, and First Languages", in IATEFL Conference, Aberdeen, 18-20 April 2007 [online].
IATEFL President Marion Williams said: "This year certainly promises to be different as it will be accessible to thousands of professionals who cannot afford to travel to Wales through a virtual community space, known as Cardiff online.
In her article presented at the IATEFL conference, in Cardiff, Wray sees the phenomenon of idiomaticity from the psycholinguistic angle.