IATHInstitute of Anthropology
IATHInstitute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities
IATHInternational Agency on Tobacco and Health (various locations)
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Mabli Siriol, chairman of Cymdeithas yr Iath education group, thanked people for speaking out against the original proposal, saying "people power can change policy".
But Toni Schiavone, chair of Cymdeithas yr Iath Gymraeg's education group, was disappointed by the plan.
Ynglyn a Chymreictod (Welshness) a'r iath, rydw i'n cytuno efo dynes o Lyn ar y rhaglen Sian Lloyd (My North Wales); mae 'na ddiffyg addysg yn Lloegr am Gymru a'r iath.
Mae o mor bwysig i ddyfodol yr iath Gymraeg yn un peth.
Having spent a good deal of time over the last six years watching you hash out issues of digital reproduction with John Unsworth, director of the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities; Matt Kirschenbaum and Andrea Laue, technical editor and project manager of the WBA, respectively; (19) IATH programmers; and your fellow editors, I've become attuned to some of the ways in which the hand and eye of Viscomi the artist overlap with the hand and eye of Viscomi the facsimilist.
What a shock it was to see digital reproductions on IATH monitors in 1993, when Morris, Bob, and I visited IATH for the first time.
Now the friend has raised concerns arising from an information disclosure to Cymdeithas yr Iath, the Welsh Language Society.
Yng nghanol y felan meddyliais am y profiadau gwaethaf dwi wedi gael dros y blynyddoedd wrth geisio cyfrannu i'r 'Byd Cymraeg' ac yn sicr o fewn y Byd Pop Cymraeg ac yn sicrach byth ym maes ymgyrchu dros yr iath - mae'n wir i ddweud fod y bobl mwyaf annymunol i mi rioed ddod ar eu traws a dadlau a nhw wedi bod yn y Byd Cymraeg.
Surely only an historic victory like that can explain Cymdeithas yr Iath Gymraeg's decision to target Brantano in its latest offensive.
To three-quarters of the people of Wales, Welsh is not 'iath pawb' but 'iath nw' and this majority would resent a law that was little more than a job creation scheme for a bilingual minority and a gravy train for bilingual lawyers.
SIR - While I am in complete agreement with D Thomas (Western Mail, Letters February 15) regarding that one can be considered Welsh without speaking 'Yr hEn iath', May I throw another stone into the debating pool and suggest that perhaps the true definition of a Welshman or woman is anyone, be they Valley born or an immigrant, who supports the Welsh language and culture.