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IAUCIncremental Area Under Curve
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IAUCIncremental Area under the Response Curve
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Bitan was also one of the founders of IAUC, and he served from 2000 to 2006 as a charter member of its board.
Parametric maps were calculated, and [K.sup.trans], [K.sub.ep], Ve, and iAUC of the selected ROI were automatically estimated by the software.
First-phase insulin responses (iAUC) in low fat-fed mice tended to be higher following 30 mg/kg STZ (p = 0.08 versus vehicle), but not 50 mg/kg STZ (Figure 4(e)).
However, in PCOS subjects, other than BMI, variables related to glucose homeostasis and IR (e.g., FINS, HbA1c, HOMAIR, OGTT-60min insulin, OGTT-120min insulin, and IAUC), as well as TC and liver enzymes (ALT, [gamma]-GGT), were all significantly higher in the overweight/obese subgroup than the normal-weight subgroup (P <0.05 or P <0.01).
On behalf of the beneficiaries the chairperson of the IAUC Mr.
Incremental area under the blood glucose changes curve (IAUC), ignoring area beneath the fasting level, were calculated geometrically by using of trapezoid formula [14].
During the 75 g OGTT, a sex-by-time interaction for plasma insulin iAUC was found, with men having a significant decrease whereas women experienced a nonsignificant increase (men -17.8%, P = 0.02, women +9.4%, P = 0.63, P for sex-by-time interaction = 0.005) (Figure 1).
V., Catalogue of Cometary Orbits, 16th edn., SAO, 2005, supplemented by more recent IAUC and MPEC.
IAUC data for insulin and glucose was analyzed using repeated measures ANOVA with Sidak's procedure to identify pairwise differences between beverages.
The experimental stand contains the following components (fig.1): didactical arm type robot; the electromagnetic exciter type 11075 from RFT Germany; connector type CB--68 LP from National Instruments USA; acquisition board type PCI 6024E from National Instruments USA; function generator type POF-1 from KABID Poland; amplifier type LV 102 from MMF Germany for the generator; personal computer from Taiwan; inductive displacement traducer type 16.1 IAUC Romania; Hottinger apparatus type KWS/T5 from Germany.
IAUC chief Jim Gallagher had said: "We haven't forgotten the British Government's actions associated with the MacBride Principles and the early stages of the International Fund for Ireland.
Stevioside significantly suppressed the glucose response to the IVGT in GK rats (incremental area under the curve ( IAUC): 648 [+ or -] 50 (stevioside) vs 958 [+ or -] 85 mM x120 mm (control); P < 0.05) and concomitantly increased the insulin response (IAUC: 51116 [+ or -] 10967 (stevioside) vs 21548 [+ or -] 3101 [mu]U x 120 min (control); P<0.05).