IAUCIrish American Unity Conference
IAUCInternational Association for Urban Climate (est. 2000)
IAUCInternational Astronomical Union Circular (newsletter)
IAUCIncremental Area Under Curve
IAUCInsulin Area Under Curve
IAUCIncremental Area under the Response Curve
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Differences of glycemic index among test foods and differences among IAUC of blood glucose changes were compared by analysis of variance (ANOVA), Paired samples T-test and repeated measure tests and p<0.
min/L) and mean of IAUC of blood glucose after intake of thyme honey (140.
SAO, 2005, supplemented by more recent IAUC and MPEC.
Two-hour blood glucose and insulin responses, and IAUC measures are reported in Fig.
253] (cf IAUC 7524) with P/1963 W1 (cf IAUC 2013), which had been recorded on four Palomar Schmidt plates taken on 1963 Nov 22-25.
Then IAUC 9010 announced that Alex Gibbs had recorded a coma and tail on 2009 January 2.
Table 5 lists the IAUC announcing the Kreutz comets and those of the Kracht, Marsden and Meyer groups.
1] and a larger coma (diameter 8", as opposed to 5") that night than the object reported on IAUC 7231 (presumed to be the 1994 component A, which he measured to be 260" to the east and 346" to the north).
The positions and orbit appeared on MPEC 1999-S04, issued at 15:26 and a note recording the discovery appeared on IAUC 7256 at 17:08.
These showed highly variable emissions as reported in IAUC.
As with many relatively bright comets the professional astronomers studied it at a range of wavelengths, reporting preliminary results in the IAUC.