IAUPEInternational Association of University Professors of English
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This was highly successful, and in 1951 IAUPE was formally constituted and affiliated to FILLM.
Membership of IAUPE is open to university professors of English and other scholars of distinction.
The UNESCO subventions we have received over the years have enabled us to ensure the presence at our conferences of five or six colleagues from such countries: and by establishing an IAUPE subsidy fund to which ordinary members contribute as part of their dues we expect to be able to invite eight or ten more.
What it means is that an Association such as IAUPE, which once had professors of English, or of English Language and Literature, now has professors of English Historical Linguistics, Gender Studies, Shakespeare, Eighteenth-Century Literature, and so on and so forth; and it is increasingly the case that professors in one area have relatively little to do with those in another.