IAUSInstitute for Architecture and Urban Studies (New York)
IAUSInternational Astronomical Union Symposium
IAUSIslamic Azad University Sabzevar (Sabzevar, Iran)
IAUSInternational Association of Ukrainian Studies (est. 1990; Ukraine)
IAUSInternational Ash Utilization Symposia (coal)
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While the first discovery of Tafuri was due to the 1972 exhibition catalogue, architectural critics, such as Joan Ockman, addressed Oppositions, the main publishing body of IAUS, as the main source for the dissemination of the ideas of Tafuri and Venice School, in the United States (Ockman, 1988, 192-193; 1995; Hays, 1998).
The same year with the 1972 MoMA exhibition, Casabella published an issue on the Institute and several fellows of the Institute contributed texts to Casabella for its special edition; a year later, in 1973, Rossi invited IAUS to Milan Triennial; in 1976, IAUS exhibited Scolari and Rossi's work at the Institute; the same year, Gregotti invited the fellows to the Venice Biennale, thematized around the relations of "Europe and America.
IAUS) today announced that REDCO will use IAUS technology on all of its planned solar developments and IAUS will provide REDCO the right to purchase 1,000 megawatts of its solar equipment, including the turbine, over the next five years at "favorable terms.
REDCO plans to purchase 5 megawatts of solar thermal equipment, including the bladeless turbines from IAUS, for the construction of a solar project in the Mojave Desert California area.
I am very excited about the opportunities that REDCO and IAUS have to revolutionize the solar industry," said Ryan Davies, President & CEO of REDCO.
While IAUS has already been approached and has begun discussions with various entities, the company wishes to expand its options by opening up the playing field to others who might be interested as well and currently welcomes solicitations both foreign and domestic.
IAUS currently has the capability of manufacturing approximately 350MW of its solar panels per year with the ability to quickly expand.
At this juncture we believe that it is important to explore the possibility that IAUS might be able to make a more aggressive and rapid push into the utility-scale market with a strong financial partner.
IAUS said it plans to "quickly expand" its annual solar panel production capacity this year to 1 gigawatt, which is enough to supply an estimated $2 billion in sales per year.
Founded in 1988 by a former AT&T communications engineer, IAUS is based in Salem, Utah.
IAUS believes its new product is the first solar power technology with legitimate potential to compete with gas and other fossil fuels.
We are looking forward to working with IAUS in the production of this exciting new product.