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A total number of six delegates were selected to represent Manipur for the upcoming grand finale of the IAWA India 2017 to be held on December 4 and 9 in Mumbai.
Terminology is in accord with Carlquist (1988, 2001), which in turn is essentially that of IAWA Committee on Nomenclature (1964), plus modifications necessitated by insights from physiology (Sano et al.
IAWA (1989) List of microscopic features for hardwood identification.
Wood anatomical description: The IAWA list (IAWA 1989) was used as the basis for choosing identification characteristics, with some modifications to allow for increased accuracy and subsequent species level separation.
Cada caracter determinado fue clasificado de acuerdo a las categorias dimensionales establecidas por IAWA Committee (1989).
Se midio el diametro mayor de los vasos en el corte transversal (n = 600 por especie), y la longitud de elementos de vaso en el material disociado (n = 90 por especie); las mediciones se realizaron de acuerdo con IAWA (1989).
lb) and the cambium-derived vascular tissues (secondary phloem and secondary xylem) as seen in tangential plane (Bailey, 1923; den Outer, 1986; IAWA, 1989).
Para la descripcion se siguio lo indicado por IAWA Committee (1989), incluyendo lo relacionado con el numero de mediciones recomendadas para las diferentes caracteristicas cuantitativas.
Note in added proof: While preparing this manuscript, the senior author was asked to review another manuscript submitted to the IAWA Journal and entitled, "Micromorphology and systematic distribution of pit membrane thickenings in Oleaceae: tori and pseudotori," by Rabaey et al.
The Mechanism of Failure of Clear Coated Wooden Boards as Revealed by Microscopy," IAWA J.
Brandstrom (2001) "Micro- and ultrastructural aspects of Norway spruce tracheids: a review," IAWA Journal, 22, 333-353.