IAWBIrish Australian Welfare Bureau (Bondi, New South Wales, Australia)
IAWBItalian Alfalfa Witches' Broom (phytoplasma)
IAWBInternet Access Web Browsing (digital data application)
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Problem behaviors were measured by two subscales of the Cognitive Appraisal of Risky Events--Revised questionnaire (CARE-R; Fromme, Katz, & D'Amico, 2000), namely aggressive/antisocial behavior (AAB; e.g., "Damaging/destroying public property") and irresponsible academic/work behavior (IAWB; e.g., "Failing to do assignments").
Jose Matus, a Yaqui ceremonial leader and Director of the Indigenous Alliance Without Borders (IAWB) expressed concern that conditions have not changed much since Obama took office, and that the US Border Patrol and Homeland Security continue to abuse Indian people.
And along the way it had to contend with rustlers, highwaymen, IawB i wolves and the bleakest of terrain.