IAWEIndiana Association of Women in Education (Indiana University)
IAWEInternational Association of World Englishes (linguistics)
IAWEInternational Association for Wind Engineering
IAWEIntegrated Asymmetric Warfare Environment
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Which act did passe, and please, and fild their Iawes / With wrinkled laughter, and with good Aplawse," suddenly discloses that
From my foule Studie will I hoyst a Wretch, A leane and hungry Neager ["Meager" in 1613] Canniball: Whose iawes swell to his eyes, with chawing Malice: And him He make a Poet.
If it were a small peece of siluer, he would hang a frownyng lyppe: if it were a peece of gold, then should his iawes go merely.