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IAWEInternational Association of World Englishes (linguistics)
IAWEInternational Association for Wind Engineering
IAWEIntegrated Asymmetric Warfare Environment
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While this is not a literal translation, it is far more concise than his translation of the lines of Troades and yet manages to capture the meaning of the Latin well and even makes use of alliteration, a device very popular with the Elizabethan translators, (25) to add to the atmosphere of menace, for instance 'What furye fell' for Quis gives the necessary information as well as a sinister touch, while 'greedy iawe' for auido ore is just as brief and considerably more punchy than the versions of some modern translators, e.g.
(10) But besides the fastenyng, that they haue in the iawes, in dryed bodies: in creatures yet liuyng, they are also clothed aptly with flesh about their rootes and contract, and filled on eche side with gowmes, which flesh is made so callous, and indurated, as that the teeth thereby are not a little delited, and bowlstred (EMEMT, Banister, Historie of Man, 1578).
Which act did passe, and please, and fild their Iawes / With wrinkled laughter, and with good Aplawse," suddenly discloses that