IAWFInternational Association of Wildland Fire
IAWFInternational Association of Wildlife Filmmakers (est. 1982; UK)
IAWFInternational Amateur Wrestling Federation
IAWFIllinois Animal Welfare Federation
IAWFInstitute for the Advancement of Working Families (Philadelphia, PA)
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Other MOSs, in addition to the 0600 community, recognize the integral piece the IAWF plays in their operational success.
For the military IAWF population, the strain of demanding deployment schedules and maintaining operational tempo, coupled with a young workforce and personnel turnover, impacts IAWF training efforts.
Training opportunities are widely available for the IAWF.
IAWF management and compliance is inspected based on the Automated Inspection Reporting System Checklist 405, Information Systems Management, and is conducted by command inspection programs and unit inspection programs, supporting Secretary of the Navy Instruction 5239.
Overall, the Marine Corps approach to identifying, training and certifying its IAWF has generated positive responses from IA personnel throughout the Marine Corps.
The Marine Corps recognizes the critical role of our Information Assurance Workforce in supporting the warfighter and is investing in the IAWF to make it capable of meeting the Corps' needs.
Access to accurate IAWF electronic data is critical to ensuring the workforce is appropriately trained, mentored and commercially certified.
To accomplish stringent oversight and compliance capability, the MOCC uses metrics tools such as compliance checklists, IAWF management assist visits, audits, inspections, red and blue team visits, the Defense Readiness Reporting System (DRRS) and a total workforce management dashboard.
These management tools allow leadership to clearly view IAWF status and enable better analysis for future workforce needs.
This is especially important because once the IAWF improvement program is fully implemented, personnel will require certification if they are to continue doing their job, and this applies equally to uniformed personnel, government civilians and contractors.
Through command visits and electronic data transparency, the IAWF MOCC will have a clear understanding of the IA workforce skill level and will be able to shape workforce modernization.
Being able to train and test underway will help the Navy achieve not only DoD IAWF requirements but also DON continuous learning requirements.