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IAXInter-Asterisk Exchange
IAXIbm Image Access Executive
IAXInter Advanced Ipbx Exchange
IAXImage Access Executive (file extension; IBM)
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A newly identified subtype, Iax, happens when a white dwarf, a hot and compact star, is only partially destroyed in its own thermonuclear explosion.
They analyze the SIP and IAX protocols together with the GSM, G.711 U/A, Speex, and G.726 codecs according to the IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g standards, showing the viability to implement VoIP in small processors with a low RAM consumption.
"My take," Foley says, "is that (1) some of these objects may in fact completely disrupt their star, and (2) in every way except for the possibility of the remaining star, SNe Iax are more like supernovae than novae.
"A Type Iax supernova is essentially a mini supernova.
En los modelos de la tecnologia VoIP, los protocolos SIP, IAX, H.323 y RTP se encargan de la senalizacion y la transferencia de media.
Open communication protocols such as SIP and IAX are fully supported.
Voice over IP providers can be used to send calls over the Internet worldwide and directly to remote corporate offices by peering Switchvox systems using the SIP or Inter-Asterisk eXchange (IAX) protocols.
It teaches how Asterisk replaces analog phone systems, including the basics of PSTN services, SIP, IAX, and dial plans.
The softwitch also supports a variety of industry standard protocols, including SIP and IAX, as well as all the major codecs, such as G711 and G729.
Y como en todas las actividades del Instituto Acuatico (IAX), en esta tendra un guia profesional con quien conocera los mejores sitios subacuaticos del parque.
"M.O.A.I." too changes shape - not to an ill-ordered collection of letters which happen to be in Malvolio's name but to a text which celebrates, as does Twelfth Night, the misprision and comedy of metamorphosis itself, The Metamorphosis Of A IAX.(56)