IBABPIntestinal Bile Acid-Binding Protein
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After uptake into the enterocyte, the transcellular movement of BS is mediated by cytosolic ileal bile acid-binding protein, also known as fatty acid-binding protein 6 or gastrotropin (IBABP, FABP6, gene FABP6), that is cytoplasmically attached to ASBT [30].
The FXR-RXR complex directly induces the expression of OST[alpha]-OST[beta] (in ileal enterocytes and in the basolateral membrane of hepatocytes) as well as intestinal expression of the intestinal bile acid-binding protein (IBABP) [22, 37].
FXR then promotes bile salts movement from the apical to the basolateral membrane of enterocytes via ileal bile acid-binding protein (IBABP or FABP6) [37] and promotes recycling of bile acids to the liver via organic solute transporters OST[alpha] and OST[beta] [38].