IBANSInstitute of Behavioural and Neural Sciences (University of Saint Andrews, UK)
IBANSInsurance Brokers Association of Nova Scotia (Canada)
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Ward, (6) for example, wrote in the Sarawak Gazette, "There seems to be an unfortunate bent in modern times to class the Sea Dayak as 'orang Iban' without I think, any justification." Ward blamed Hose for having encouraged the use of the term by "constantly" alluding to "Ibans" in his writings and added that, "I never remember Dayaks of the Skrang, Undup or Saribas calling themselves 'kami [we] Iban';" Ward concluded by stating that "it will be a great pity if an imported designation is allowed to creep in and supplant the old name with which we are all familiar" (Sarawak Gazette 1125, 1951).
'There are many fortunate Ibans who have better lives, have their own houses and their children are doing very well...
The Banking Technology Awards 2017 has named the Saxo Payments Banking Circle Virtual IBAN as the Best Corporate Payments Initiative.
The anthropological enterprise of translating other cultures is explored in the case of the Iban of Borneo.
Writings about northwest Borneo (1) in the nineteenth century have focused on two very visible and violent activities--headhunting, principally by the Iban of the Skrang and Saribas rivers, and piracy, the definition of which was expanded by many European observers, following James Brooke, to include Iban warfare, as well as Iranun and other Moslem maritime ventures.
Although Iban pottery does not have the same recognition Ibans have in Pua Kumbu, one states on a label in the Sarawak Museum that ceramics has an important role in the Iban culture.
If businesses fail to check the underlying banking data prior to migration to the IBAN format, pre-existing errors inherent to the current system are likely to jeopardise future payments.
The banker highlighted that "the Central Bank had many times issued statements telling clients to get their IBANs as this will be mandatory for all their incoming payments as of April 14 2012."
An Emirates NBD official said they will inform customers about their IBANs "soon".
As I read the news today of the UAE Central Bank making International Bank Account Numbers (IBAN) mandatory by November 19, I had that feeling at the pit of my stomach.
Hence, we urge our customers to obtain their IBANs through any of the bank's multiple delivery channels, including nbk.com Watani Online (WOL), Watani Online Corporate (WOLC), Hala Watani or by visiting the nearest NBK branch."