IBAPInternational Business Association of Phuket (Thailand)
IBAPIntervention Board for Agricultural Produce (UK)
IBAPInterest Based Agreement Process (Wyoming)
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These consecutive patients were unsuitable for or unwilling to accept surgical resection but willing to accept IBAP treatment.
According to underlying comorbidities, such as acute exacerbation of COPD, pulmonary infection, bronchial asthma, or bronchiectasis, patients received necessary treatments, such as anti-inflammatories, anti-infectives, or antihistamines, prior to IBAP procedures.
The primary end point was the closure ratio of the target GPB in one month after the IBAP procedures.
Intrabullous adhesion pexia (IBAP) procedure was performed under local anesthesia in the CT scan suite, and the vital signs of patients were closely monitored during the perioperative period.
Outcomes assessed were closure time of the target GPB after the IBAP procedures, mortality related to the IBAP procedure, and the reappearance of the closed GPB or progress of the shrunken GPB after the IBAP procedures.
A total of 38 cases in 36 patients (33 males and 3 females) with the average age of 67.53 years (range: 41-78) were diagnosed as GPB from December 2004 to April 2017 and underwent IBAP treatment.
The target GPB in 29 cases were closed within 7 days and 4 closed within 15 days after IBAP procedure.
Importantly, significant change in the level of PaC[O.sub.2] was observed, which decreased in the COPD group (P < 0.01) but increased in the non-COPD group (P < 0.01) after IBAP. It is worth mentioning that three patients (patient #2, 7, and 8), who could barely walk initially before IBAP treatment, had an improved 6 MWD of 42 m, 72 m, and 528 m, respectively.
Ipsilateral secondary pneumothorax was absorbed gradually by pleural cavity closed drainage under continuous negative pressure as a routine additional procedure during IBAP. There were only two cases of tension pneumothorax, both of which were resolved within one month.
Over 12 years, 14 patients died of various diseases such as acute exacerbation of COPD in six patients at month 12, 53, 58, 60, 99, and 114 after IBAP, respectively; acute coronary syndrome in four patients at month 73, 62, 26, and 10 after IBAP, respectively; esophageal cancer in one patient at the 42nd month, rectal carcinoma in one patient at the 37th month, sepsis caused by trauma in one patient at the 88th month, and severe pneumonia in one patient at the 17th month after IBAP, respectively.
The CAP Management system holds all data and information relevant to food exportation and to IBAP administration in one comprehensive database.
Immediately available, at any time, are a series of reports, such as Payments Made, Payments Due, Payments Variance, showing clearly how much is due to, or due from, IBAP on each shipment or schedule.